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Dependent Controls Library

The library for making dependent drop-downs quickly and easily.

Dependent Controls is a library for making dependent drop-downs quickly and easily. It is written in pure ES6 JavaScript / TypeScript and doesn’t have any dependencies. The library supports SELECTs, radio buttons, and any other custom HTML. Any CSS framework can be used for styling.

Demo Pages

The below demo pages demonstrates library features.


The library has a rich set of features, as described below.

Various Controls

The library supports SELECT drop-downs, radio buttons, and any custom HTM.

Html Layout

The library has a flexible HTML layout that supports any CSS framework.

Data Sources

It has three data source options: one JSON file, a direct JavaScript object, or a custom function that maximizes flexibility and allows to perform AJAX requests.

Storage Solutions

There is local storage, session storage, cookies, and deep links support.


Great and extensive documentation is included.

Multiple Instances

It’s possible to have any number of library instances on the same page.

Cutting-Edge Tech

The library is written in TypeScript + ES6 JS and uses modern Web Animation API.

Look & Feel

The user ultimately defines all look & feel of the page; Any HTML layout or CSS can be configured and customized.