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Ocean Star - Hotels Search Form

Ocean Star is a JavaScript library for customizable and intuitive hotel search forms with plenty of different features and options. It has a responsive country autocomplete, powerful date range picker with a modern calendar widget, and guest selector with the possibility to add fields dynamically. It makes it easy to add a great-looking hotel search forms to your website or application.

Demo Pages

The below demo pages demonstrates library features.


The library has a rich set of features, as described below.

The widget is written in pure ES6 JavaScript + TypeScript, no dependencies are required.

100+ ready to use examples.

It is well tested using the famous client side Jest testing framework.

Any number of widgets can be added to the page with the same or with different settings.

The plugin has many configuration options, multiple events, and APIs.

Very easy to set up and maintain.

The widget has a beautiful dedicated mobile version that opens as a fullscreen popup with a close button.

Vertical and horizontal layouts.

Shadow, fade, stripes, and gradient themes.

Multiple colored themes.

Looks good on dark and colored backgrounds.

248 beautiful country thumbnails.

CSS3 icons animations.

Slide-Down, Slide-Up, Slide-Left & Slide-Right Animations.

Fade-In & Fade-Out Animations.

Shape Animations.

The library supports local storage, session storage and cookies.

Countries autocomplete with 248 countries and flag icons.

Hghly customizable date range picker.

Guests selector widget.