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Product Compare Library

The library for product features and product plans comparison.

Product Compare is a library for product features, and product plans comparison. It supports multiple CSS frameworks and can be implemented in any HTML layout using data attributes. The library contains an embedded touch-enabled gallery, supports local and session storage, and can compare by text, HTML, or numbers.

Demo Pages

The below demo pages demonstrates library features.


The library has a rich set of features, as described below.

Html Layout

The library has a flexible HTML layout that supports any CSS framework.

Data Types

It’s possible to compare by different data types: text, HTML, and numbers.

Case Sensitivity

Case-sensitive and case-insensitive comparison is supported.


Responsive and touch-enabled gallery with the modern Web Animation API.

Storage Solutions

There is local storage, session storage, and cookies support.


Great and extensive documentation is included.

Multiple Instances

It’s possible to have any number of library instances on the same page.

Cutting-Edge Tech

The library is written in TypeScript + ES6 JS and uses modern Web Animation API.

Look & Feel

The user ultimately defines all look & feel of the page; Any HTML layout or CSS can be configured and customized.


The library supports reset buttons that can return the widget to its initial state.